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Stetson The Renard
Stetson The Renard Stetson The Renard Stetson The Renard

The Renard

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The Renard was designed in collaboration with Stetson specifically for The Adolphus, sold exclusively at Commerce Goods + Supply.
The design is a classic 1930's fedora with a modern twist. The hat is named after "Renard", meaning "Fox" in French, which was the code word to get into the sub-basement speakeasy in The Adolphus during the prohibition era. Available in Black and Phantom Grey.
Made of Beaver, Wild Hare, and Rabbit; the Renard features a 3" slightly curved up brim, and a ribbon detail perfect for accessorizing with a feather or pin. Inscribed inside the headliner is '"The Renard" Made exclusively for The Adolphus Hotel.'