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Hadachu Bow Tie
Hadachu Bow Tie

Bow Tie



This classic bowtie is a wool silk blend featuring red, navy, and grey stripes. This is a great addition to any outfit that needs a little more dimension, and is a charming accent.

Sha refers to thin, translucent fabric that has been woven using a special, traditional Japanese technique.
In this technique, warp yarns are twisted and woven to produce a cool, translucent quality.
Weaving sha requires a high level of expertise and special skill, and because it must be woven slowly and carefully, this technique requires a huge amount of time and effort. There are now only a handful of weavers in Japan who can use this technique, making this tie the product of highly skilled Japanese craftsmen who are exceptional in their trade.

Wool 74%, Silk 26%
Jacquard weave
Made in Japan
Width 10cm
Height 4cm
Neck size can be adjusted between approx. 28cm-45cm.